How DRIP Works, 2 scenarios


I explain a couple scenarios of how the DRIP Network works: Hydrating Once per Day, and How Referrals Work.

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Work the process to go higher

Below is the diagram on the Faucet page. I have added some shapes for Deposits, Rewarded, and Team, as I think they deserve a further callout that will help you understand how the mechanisms of DRIP crypto work.

Diagram 1: Hydrating Once per Day

From the DRIP website. Additional edits: author

What most DRIP investors do on Day 1 is deposit their 10 DRIP or more into their DRIP account.

The next day they receive their 1% compounded amount in the Available area. Here, they make the decision on whether to Claim their DRIP to their wallet, or Hydrate/compound the Available amount to add to the stack that gets compounded against.

Most choose to Hydrate. The reason is that if you do this every day your stake gets larger, and the 1% Daily percentage compounded against the stake snowballs the stake into a much larger amount by the end of the 365 days.

Here’s what 100 DRIP Hydrated once per day does by the end of the year:

We’re using the $ as a proxy for DRIP tokens. 100 Tokens to 3,778.38

100 DRIP tokens turn into 3,778.34 Tokens. The current price of DRIP is $23.41.

100 DRIP at today’s prices would make the stake worth $2,341. If the price remains the same 365 days from now, if you Hydrate every day the USD value would turn into $88,450.94.

This mechanism will remain the same now, and forever. Despite whatever the underlying price is, if you deposit 100 DRIP, at the end of 365 days you will have gained 3,778.34.

At the end of the year, the Available amount per day would be 37.41 DRIP. Multiply by today’s dollar value and you get $875.77.

That’s per day.

Annualized, you’re now making the salary of a CEO of a small to medium sized corporation: $319,655.36.

That’s if the price remains static.

On July 1st, you could have bought 1 DRIP for $5.85. The current $23.41 price is a 300% increase in 10 days:

From the DRIP website.

Past performance does not guarantee future performance. But take a look at the price chart for a similar project, HEX:

I wrote about this, comparing DRIP to HEX in my article DRIP is like getting into HEX in early 2020. I calculated that the price of HEX rose 4,340% in a year.

So, will DRIP increase in price 300% every 10 days like the first 10 days in July? Probably not. Will DRIP be higher than $23.41?

I would take that bet. Everyday and twice on Sunday!

So, the daily Available amount gets Hydrated/compounded, which then increase your Deposits amount. Deposits is the staked value that the 1% daily gets applied against.

Multiply Available by 3.65 and you will get the Max Payout:

The more you Hydrate, the higher the Deposited amount rises. As the Deposit amount rises, the Max Payout rises times 3.65.

Max Payout is the Maximum Amount that will get paid out. So, for someone who invested 100 DRIP just hydrating once a day, that would equal the total 3,778.34 DRIP:

The Claimed area in the upper right of the Faucet area of the DRIP website is the sum total of all Claims. When this figure matches what is in the Max Payout, the investment is over. No more DRIP will be made Available.

And that makes sense, right? If you Claim the up to the Max Payout, all the funds in the account will be depleted.

But, if you continue to Hydrate, or add additional DRIP, then this increases the size of your Max Payout, extending the end date of the DRIP opportunity.

Instead of Hydrating to continually increase the size of the Deposits, and thus the size of the Max Payouts, the best way is to sign up other people through your Referral Link.

Diagram 2: How Referrals Work

When you sign up Referrals to your Team, a portion of their deposits, either through directly depositing DRIP, or depositing via Hydrating, are made available to you in the Rewarded section. This depends on if you meet the criteria (own enough of the bR34P token), and are in the correct sequence of the round-robin sharing process.

“A rate sheet is included below for how much bR34P must be held to receive 10% bonus rewards on deposits from your downline. If an account is not net positive when the player in their downline deposits, or if they do not hold enough bR34P to receive referral bonuses at that level of downline or they were the last person to be credited with a referral bonus from that player, the bonus will go further upline until it hits a player who is eligible for the referral bonuses.” ~ DRIP Lightpaper, Page 7

10% reward share from Downline referrers. Must meet the criteria of bR34P tokens, as well as not have been credited by each referrer player the last time.

What’s Rewarded is auto-deposited in the Deposits area. This in turn increases the Max Payout:

Again: 10% of Team deposits go to Rewarded (if you meet the criteria), which auto-deposits to the Deposits area, which in turn increases the Max Payout by 3.65. This then increases the amount you get daily in the Available area.

Using the figures in the diagram, in 24 hrs, 1% of the Deposit amount will be in the Available section to either Hydrate or Claim. In 24 hours, the Available amount will equal 11.54 DRIP (1% of 1,154).


In this article I ran through two different scenarios of how the DRIP system works: Hydrating once a day, and How Referrals Work. How DRIP works can be a tad confusing, so I diagram 2 of the basic scenarios, one for beginners Hydrating once per day, and one for those interested in growing a Downline of Referrals.

Hopefully this clears a few things up for people. Please comment with any questions, and if you aren’t signed up for DRIP, what are you waiting for?!


August 1st, 2021 I will be sending an Airdrop to my Downline, with additional Bonuses based on the number of people in your Downline as well. Amount TBD.

The How

  1. Go to and exchange BNB for DRIP.
  2. Enter a Buddy address in the Referral section. Consider signing with Cryptozoa team member Joe: 0xf879067ea603af3a264031a8478a62498983f53b
  3. Deposit at least 1 DRIP (Ensure you have enough BNB to pay for the gas fees.)
  4. You’re setup on DRIP. Get ready to receive 1% daily!

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