Moonshot 100 Days Milestone Reached!


Mission elapsed time hit this week: 100:00:00:00

Dear MoonShooters👨‍🚀,

Moonshot is 100 days old, what an epic journey to date! The team is hard at work on the next 100 days of the mission but we want to celebrate with you today and thank you for making Moonshot awesome!

We want to share a few statistics, milestones and achievements over the past 100 days with you:

51 000+ Twitter followers

2 000 Reddit followers

8 000 Discord members

87 000+ Token holders

30 000+ Instagram followers

28 000+ Telegram members

225 900+ Transactions

The first 7 days of the moon mission looked like this:

3 500+ Holders

2 500+ Telegram members

6 500+ Twitter followers

10 000+ Transactions (4% of each tx has been distributed to holders)

20 Million market cap 📈

Our presale hard cap of 100 BNB with a max. of 2 BNB per wallet was reached within 2.5 hours ⏳

You can see the amazing growth we have had since then, yup we are definitely heading for the moon!

Exchange listings


The Latoken trading competition is live, check it out for your chance to win big rewards The high fees with Latoken have also been fixed, so please join this promo.

We also have our listings on Blockfolio, Delta, Coingecko and CMC.

Our global reach was huge during this period and thanks to all of you who joined and shared the mission with everyone out there! A big highlight for everyone was the NY Times Square advert and it caused quite the buzz. Billions of impressions have been reached across the internet and social media channels. We even had our first Moonshot cake created!

Ambassadors and Influencers

Majestic came onboard as a Moonshot ambassador.

Screenshot from Twitter Tweet by Majestic

We had reviews, mentions, or videos done by the following champions:

Steven Clarke

Juli Cold

Dillon Danis

Amber Rose

Mia Khalifa

Rich the Kid

Yana Kantler

Crypto Baby, MoneyTime, Crypto Dasha, Up Next Crypto, Torin Hoffman and many more…

Advertising — Billboards

NYC Times Square billboard

Nasdaq building ad

Billboard in Phoenix Arizona

Other Notable Achievements

Masteroids game progress revealed

Donated to the crypto Covid relief fund

Preview of Moonshooter


Development Progress

We recently unveiled the NFT’s and Moonboxes. Moonboxes will be issued on our future platform in Q3 and can be opened with the MOONSHOT token. Inside the Moonboxes you will find unique NFT’s that will consist out of different properties, for example: animated or static, accessories, body color, visor color, glove color, badge, etc. The first animated episode of our Moonshooter Series will be released together with the release of MoonBoxes.

Moonshot token contract:

1150 lines of code to date!

MoonBox FrontEnd:

The front-end service that provides the web interface to Moonshot, MoonBoxes and our Games.


Airdrop smart contract that redistributes a deposit to all Moonshot holders, proportional to their balances.

MoonBox back-end:

The back-end service that provides the MoonBox NFTs.

Preview of Moonboxes development

MoonBox admin-interface:

The front-end where we manage the MoonBoxes and mint the NFTs.

MoonBox smart contracts:

These are the solidity contracts that run our MoonBox NFTs.


2D game using the unreal engine.

Prototyping phase.

There will be a NFT series, specifically for the Masteroids game. These contain Spaceships skins that you can load into the game. The skins add special attributes in the game, for example giving you faster-shooting speed or additional weapons.

100 Day Telegram AMA

Key points:

100th-day milestone for Moonshot!

The project team gave an update on specific goals being worked on. The front and back-end of Moonboxes are now in development, Ecosystem smart contracts for airdrops, smart contracts for the Moonboxes, and a playable demo of the “Masteroids” game.

Teaser for the first possible set of NFTs was released in the Telegram channel

The first episode of the Moonshooter series is scheduled to be released the same day as the first series of NFTs.

A change of the #Moonshot to #Mshot due to how common “Moonshot” is on social media platforms.

An online achievement system is being worked on the “Masteroids” game. So please everyone, go for the highest score possible.

At this time, there will not be any videos/documentaries made about the project team founders, leaders, etc.

When the market recovers, the drive to list the project on additional exchanges will resume.

A very good AMA this time. Very technical and unique questions were asked and ideas were voiced.

Stay tuned for the next AMA date and time.

WIN 5 Billion Moonshot

We celebrated with a giveaway. 4 Winners total this week and congrats to our winners!


Thanks for being on this journey with us, we look forward to the next 100 days!!