MythArt:Claim your FREE NFT everyday


who are we?

From Cryptokitty to Cryptopunk and NBAtopshot, users in the crypto world are both attracted by NFT’s huge revenue power and scared off by the growing space. “Expensive” and “scarce” are users’ interpretations of NFTs, as well as important barriers to entry.

Many people have the experience of collecting small raccoon water Margin cards, Pokemon flash cards and Yu-Gi-Oh cards. The process of collecting cards is full of fun, and the sense of accomplishment after collecting all the cards is the best memory of childhood.

In the world of Myth.Art, we hope to bring back the pure fun of collection for everyone. We want each user to be able to trade and exchange their own cards; We want to make collecting NFT cards as easy as collecting Little Raccoon Water Margin cards.

Therefore, we will draw free cards to enable users to continuously receive high-quality original NFT cards in Myth.Art, that is, users can draw a random NFT card on the platform every 24 hours for free.

Start with 10 cards:1 Unique, 4 Epic and 5 Normal

In this issue, we will publish 10 free NFTs for you to collect; includes 1 Unique, 4 Epic, and 5 Common cards. Nine of these cards can be claimed through a free daily draw and one card can be geted through our Bounty mission。

4 [ Epic ] cards: Bitcoin X 1, Ethereum X 1, Binance X 1, Litecoin X 1
Issue quantity: 500 copies per sheet
How to get it: Free through Myth.Art

5 [ Common ] cards: Bitcoin X 1, Binance X 1, Ethereum X 3
quantity: 1000 copies per sheet
How to get it: Free through Myth.Art

1 [ Unique ] card: BnB Spicy Noodles
quantity: 200 copies per sheet
How to get it: Giveaway/Airdrop


We will choose 50 random winners , everyone will receive this Unique card

  1. Follow @MythNft on twitter
  2. Like & Retweet the pinned tweet and tag 3 friends
  3. Join our telegram group
  4. Fill out the form:

ps:This is our first giveaway and there will be more cards Airdrop in telegram group

Adhere to the original

Mythart insists on original design; Each work will be retained from the draft, line draft, color, refinement and other stages of the painting process. In the future, we will also make all the design into a picture album, as a gift to support our users.