A moonwookiee’s best friend


Many moons came and went in the aftermath of the failed launch. The moonwookiee worked tirelessly to fix the left booster that failed at first attempt. The calloused palms of the moonwookiee pressed against his weary eyes as yet another day passed with no progress. There is just no replacement on Earth that can fix the hyperdrive. The moonwookiee’s frustration got the better of him as he kicked the hull of the Millennium Falcum, achieving nothing but a sore toe.

Limping away from the launchpad, the moonwookiee put on a brave face to the slowly dwindling camp of hopeful space travelers. Though none were hurt during the launch, the hope that keeps the mission alive wanes. Tonight, the moonwookiee cannot bring his aching fingers to caress the saxophone and seduce the crowd.

The moonwookiee announced that he needed a moment’s solitude in the forest to gather his thoughts. He collected his saxophone and entered the woods leaving an uncertain and murmuring crowd behind him.

After a long hard journey into the heart of the forest, the moonwookiee arrived back at a clearing where he first crash-landed to this planet. The remains of his escape pod rested deep into the earth under fallen, charred trees. Memories flashed back of being ejected mid hyper-jump when the moonwookiee fleet came under attack by feglings and riseclones.

Tears wet the moonwookiees colossal cheeks. He longed to know what became of his family. Did they too escape and land safely to distant shores? When the moonwookiee had finally regained consciousness after the crash, he had sent out a help signal from the ruins of the escape pod. He had waited three whole days, by which point his supplies had run out and he had to find civilization. Since then, he had made it his mission to return to his home moon, many galaxies away.

The moonwookiee took a seat in the padded chair he had hauled from the escape pod. He took up his saxophone and sang a pained and sorrowful tune.

CRACK. The moonwookiees eyes shot wide open. The saxophone note squeaked out of existence as the moonwookiee jumped to his feet and brandished the saxophone like a club. Someone was watching him from the trees. He could feel his pulse in his temples and his teeth were grinding in anger. Do not mess with me today.

The rustling in the trees grew nearer. Whoever it is was coming straight for him. This could be no coincidence. The moonwookiee braced himself, ready to fight for his life.

He saw the trees moving. The moonwookiee inhaled a sharp breath ready to attack first. A hairy beast with dark eyes and brown fur burst through the trees. The moonwookiee wildly swung his saxophone club but it sailed harmlessly over the beast. Stepping backwards, he tripped over his seat and landed on his back. He shielded his face as the beast set upon him. He closed his eyes in fear.

Lick. Slurp. Lick. Eyes closed, the moonwookiee waited for the jaws of the beast. Lick. Slurp. Lick. All he could feel were the damp wet kisses of… He opened his eyes. Standing over him was the familiar dark eyes of…


The dogewookiee barked with glee as the moonwookiee lifted his lifelong companion into his arms.

“How did you find me?”

The dogewookiee barked and ran in circles, explaining the whole journey in leaps and barks. He had traced the distress signal for three months. It was difficult, as the moonwookiee had fallen out of hyper-jump, there were many possible planets in this galaxy which he could have landed. Eventually, the signal led right here. The moonwookiee was no longer at the crash site, so the dogewookiee made camp for a few nights hoping that he would be back soon, and here he was. Alive and well.

The moonwookiee interpreted and smiled. He should never have doubted the dogewookiee, for they are the smartest creatures in the galaxy.

“Did you come on your ship?” asked the moonwookiee.

The dogewookiee performed a backflip in the affirmative. The moonwookiee looked skyward. He laughed. He laughed hard. He had not laughed for what felt like a lifetime. It felt good.

“Dogewookiee. We need some parts to fix my new ship. You’re going to have to go back to our moon to get them.”

The dogewookiee pounced into the moonwookiee’s strapping arms.

Home beckons.