Digital DNA — Analytical tool to rate all influencers!

Fanadise unique analytical tool to evaluate influencers’ audience, performance, posts, and engagement.

Digital Love NFT for the first time in history — It’s happening right here, in FANADISE! The DNA NFTs will be presented to you today, but the idea is going to change the world! We are very excited to present it to you soon, guys !

In order to have a deeper understanding of what DNA NFTs are, let’s first get to know why social media analytics tools were created and what purpose do they serve.

What are the analytics tools?

Any professional user of social media measures how their posts perform. This is particularly so for businesses who want to find some form of ROI for their social media activity. Similarly, firms working with influencers need to know the effectiveness of their influencer campaigns.

All of the major social networks now offer some form of social media analytics tools. Depending on your network of choice, you will discover useful and relevant analytical information from:

  • Instagram Insights
  • Facebook Insights
  • Twitter Analytics
  • LinkedIn Analytics
  • YouTube Analytics

The owner/influencer should be able to find each of the above sections in their social accounts.

Why the DNA?

As discussed the importance of knowing the metrics above, we have seen it is very important to measure the influencers’ performance, so we get to know them better and see the legitimacy of their audience, engagement, and marketing campaign results.

However we, as the public, do not have access to their performance due to privacy — only the owner itself has access to it.

That’s why we built Fanadise Digital DNA — our exclusive analytical tool to gather all data about influencers and evaluate them. In the tool, you will be able to display the influencers’ personal:

  • Name, their location, and audience from each social media
  • Types of publications and its distribution (photo, video, IGTV, Sidecor)
  • Audience Growth Chart
  • Score. (Real followers, engagement, average posts per month, per year and account growth)

Are you curious? Here’s a sneak peek:

Marti Renti digital DNA — Influencer description, the audience in each platform, and overall score (individual categories too).
Types of their publication and the audience grow chart displayed by daily and weekly.

That Digital DNA — Personal data — will be added to the NFT value, as it’s exclusive and intimate. This is just a tiny bit of what Digital DNA consists of.

We are very excited to have Marti Renti as the first influencer to use the Digital DNA to craft the special emotion NFT. It would be amazing if you all participated! Please join the event at:

Why are we excited about the digital DNA?

As we all know, the future of NFT is bright. With the NFT industry steadily growing the adoption, more and more influencers come to have their NFT added to the industry. The price will come along. And what are the values of that specific NFT that might impact the price?

We believe that Digital DNA will be a major key to compare influencers’ data and their NFTs. What are the standards regarding score, engagement, audience. What are the rare ones? What is valuable in the market?

Well, are you ready to see how big Fanadise will get? Because we are ready!