Downlines: The Key to Super-charging your DRIP


Downlines change DRIP from a CD-like financial instrument into a bonafide Business Contender.

Original image from the Faucet page of the DRIP website. Edits: Author.

We all have different financial goals depending on our situations. Some of us just want an income stream (Cash out once per day). Some would like a big payday in exchange for some patience. (Hydrate for a year — then withdraw compounded amount).

And some of you want a business.

With DRIP, developing a Downline of folks that sign up under you not just amplifies your earnings, it can explode them.

There are a couple reasons for this:

  • Network Effects
  • Tokenomic Reward Benefits


Downlines are people who sign up under your ID, which happens to be the address of the wallet you use to interact with DRIP.

These could be friends or relatives who you have introduced to DRIP. It could also be people who find out about DRIP through articles you write, or videos you make on Social Media, with a link to your Referral ID.

Example: the referral link of my referral DeMarko:

Once they click that link, or copy and paste your referral ID to add you as their official Buddy, then the magic of DRIP reveals itself.

Downlines, at a certain point, can expand nearly effortlessly, as your Downlines starts to realize the financial benefits of having their own Downline.

For example, certain people in your downline could be a Social Media influencer that suddenly accounts for a quarter, a third, or a half or more of your Downline:

My Buddy’s Downline. I have the line of people in the middle. My Downline accounts for 42% of my Buddy’s Downline.

Taxes: Some Pay them. With a Downline you Earn them

Nearly everything is taxed on DRIP crypto by 10%. Outside of Buying DRIP on Fountain (0 fees) and Hydration (5%) you can’t sneeze without incurring a 10% tax!

You claim what’s Available in your account — incur a 10% tax. Claim — another 10%. It’s how the system ultimately functions. That’s what funds the payouts.

It’s like a Perpetual Motion Machine of Financial Freedom.

The 10% taxes are used to pay the 1% per day that every investor receives on their investment. Also, a portion flows upline to the investors that have a Downline, and own the required number of bR34P coins for the appropriate level of downline funds they wish to access.

The only exemptions to the 10% tax are Buying directly from the Fountain (0%), and Hydrating (5%).

Transaction Taxes triggers:

  • Buy from Fountain 0%
  • Sell anywhere 10%
  • Buy non-Fountain 10%
  • Deposit/Stake 10%
  • Send wallet to wallet 10%
  • Airdrops 10%
  • Move from/to Ledger 10%
  • Hydrate/Compound 5%
  • Send anywhere 10%
  • Claim/withdraw 10%

When one of your Downlines deposits DRIP, if you have the required amount of bR34P for the level that your Downline is at, then you have an opportunity to receive a Reward. According to the DRIP Lightpaper:

“In order to receive referral rewards, players must hold bR34P in their wallet and the depth of the rewards received will be determined by their individual bR34P tier requirements. In addition, accounts must have positive deposit status for direct referral bonus rewards as well.” DRIP Lightpaper

For example, in order to have the opportunity to receive Rewards from someone in Level 2 (A person who was signed up by a person I signed up), I would need to have at least 3 bR34P tokens in my account wallet. At current prices 3 bR34P would cost about $12:

from Pancakeswap

To access Rewards from the 15th Level, you would require 1,597 bR34P costing about $6,388 at current prices. With 15 levels your Rewards would likely scale up to make that amount affordable.

You can buy bR34P up to your levels as your Downline starts to grow. You do not receive Rewards beyond the 15th level.

Will I always receive the same Reward amount every day?

I wrote you would have the “opportunity” to receive Rewards, because depending on if you have received awards before, they could skip you for a round. Again, from the DRIP Lightpaper:

“If an account is not net positive when the player in their downline deposits, or if they do not hold enough bR34P to receive referral bonuses at that level of downline or they were the last person to be credited with a referral bonus from that player, the bonus will go further upline until it hits a player who is eligible for the referral bonuses. Using this round robin system we have eliminated the incentive for self referring and other bad behaviour which is used to leech referral systems, while still greatly rewarding team building through referrals!” ~ DRIP Lightpaper, Page 7

Advantages of Having a Downline

The immediate advantage is getting rewarded from deposits your Downline make, either directly depositing DRIP, or through Hydration. Since most folks Hydrate on a daily basis, depending on your downline you might find yourself receiving a daily stream of Rewards.

Rewards are recorded in the lower left of the Faucet page of DRIP, and are direct deposited into your Deposits:

At a certain point, with enough people on your Team, you might find the amount Rewarded far outstrips the amount you Hydrate on a daily basis. This can free you to just Claim what’s Available as Income now, instead of waiting 365 Days.

Team Lead

Becoming a Team Leader happens automatically once you have a Downline of 5 directs — 5 people signed up under your Referral ID.

While some Team Leaders do nothing for their Downlines, the successful ones, the ones that generate the most rewards, and sign up the most people are the ones that redistribute Rewards back to their Downlines through regular Airdrops.

DRIP provides a mechanism to send rewards to your Downline depending on the criteria you select.

Scroll to the bottom of the Faucet page to the Team Viewer:

Click “Team Airdrop”, and select the criteria you’d like to use:

Click “RUN” to send your Airdrop.

Under “Direct Airdrop” you can send DRIP directly to a single address in your Downline:


The real power of DRIP is experienced when one develops a Downline. That way you not only pay taxes, you receive taxes in the form of Rewards. When you fulfill the requirements (have a Downline, own enough bR34P to participate), then you will start to receive Rewards.

The Network effects of having a Downline, where one person signs a person who signs a person who signs 100 — then the real financial impact of DRIP becomes clear.

With the tokenomics of DRIP, with every Deposit, whether that be a Direct Deposit, or a daily Hydration, you have the opportunity to be rewarded.

And when the expanding Network Effects of having a Downline meets the financially beneficial Tokenomics of DRIP, the Rewards could not just make you money — it could make you rich.


August 1st, 2021 I will be sending an Airdrop to my Downline, with additional Bonuses based on the number of people in your Downline as well. Amount TBD.

The How

  1. Go to and exchange BNB for DRIP.
  2. Enter a Buddy address in the Referral section. Please consider signing up with Cryptozoa team member DeMarko: 0x6de832116cd0165a1a58ec6f9be9873670ca10e0
  3. Deposit at least 1 DRIP (Ensure you have enough BNB to pay for the gas fees.)
  4. You’re setup on DRIP. Get ready to receive 1% daily!

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