How to save money on your holiday using cryptocurrencies


Holiday season is here, so I wrote a few tips on how you can book hotels, flight tickets or holiday activities near your hotel using cryptocurrencies as cheaply as possible. You can book almost your entire holiday with cryptocurrencies on the travel portal offers over 45 different cryptocurrency payment options, as well as Binance Pay, Pay and traditional credit card payment options. In addition, after completing a stay at an accommodation, customers are rewarded with the AVA loyalty token to the amount of 2% of the total booking price.

There are several ways to save money on

On, you have the option to register via a Binance account, Google account, Facebook account or Wechat account. If you have an account on Binance, I recommend registering under this Binance account. The point is that on you can pay with Binance Pay directly from your Binance account so you don’t have to pay fees when withdrawing cryptocurrencies from Binance.

If you register via invite link and the total amount you pay for your first accommodation exceeds US$200, then you and the person who invited you to will receive $25 worth of AVA tokens. You will receive this bonus after your check out from the hotel. The condition is, however, that during this first booking you must not have activated the Smart Program yet. My invite link to

This brings us to another way to save money on The Smart Program is a loyalty program that allows you to receive additional discounts and bonuses. Smart Program participants receive both direct discounts on accommodation and a higher percentage of AVA rewards for bookings, which are credited to their account after completing a stay at an accommodation. The Smart Program is obtained by locking AVA tokens in your account for at least 30 days. There are 5 Smart Levels. With the highest Smart 5 Level, you can save another 10% on the total accommodation price (5% as a direct discount and another 5%, which will be credited to you in the form of AVA). You will also receive a total annual return of 8.04% of the locked amount of AVA tokens. This bonus is paid at the beginning of each month. So, if you lock your AVA in the Smart Program for only one month, you will get 0.67% of the total amount of your locked AVA. You can read more about the Smart Program here:

Another tip on how to save is to pay for your entire booking with AVA, which you can buy directly on the Binance exchange. If you pay with AVA, you will get a direct discount:

a) 2% of the total paid amount if you don’t have the Smart Program activated at the same time

b) 3% of the total paid amount if you have the Smart Program activated at the same time

To summarise:

1. If your first booking is less than US$200, simply register on without an invite link and lock up the AVA tokens required for your desired Smart Level. After setting up the Smart Program, pay for your booking in AVA and receive a direct 3% discount. Depending on your Smart Level, you will receive both higher direct discounts and a higher percentage of the amount paid, which will be returned to you in the form of AVA. After 30 days, you will start receiving an additional 0.67% monthly bonus of the total amount of AVA that you locked in the Smart Program.

2. If your first booking is greater than US$200, it is best to register through the invite link and pay for it all in AVA with a direct 2% discount. After checking out from the hotel, you will receive US$25 in AVA. Remember not to activate the Smart Program before you complete this first booking.

For frequent bookings, the most rewarding combination is to have the highest possible Smart Level, pay for all your bookings in AVA, and receive 8.07% per year of the total amount of AVA locked in the Smart Program.

In addition, has a Best Price Guarantee. If you find out after booking a hotel or activity that a competitor offers a cheaper publicly available price, just write to support and the difference in price will be offset by depositing travel credits to your account.

The last tip on how to save money with is to let your friends know about it and send them your invite link. The advantage is that you do not have to limit yourself only to crypto users, because at you can also pay by fiat with a credit card. Even without the use of the methods mentioned in this article, you can still find significantly cheaper prices than at competitor sites, especially in more expensive hotels.

For completeness, I would like to add that also has mobile applications:

For IOS:

For Android:

If you have any questions, please feel free to send a message in the Telegram group:

I wish you a nice holiday.