In-depth Strategic Cooperation Between


Recently, the transformation and integration of GameFarmer platform has entered the final stage. GameFarmer will be officially launched in July, marking that the in-depth strategic cooperation between and GameFarmer is about to officially begin, and it also means that the FOX ecosystem will officially begin to support the steady progress of the crypto game industry. has always been firmly committed to the ambitious goal of creating an NFT ecosystem. Games, as one of the important NFT application scenarios, the FOX ecosystem will provide greater value enhancement space for the NFT assets in the games. After many in-depth communications with GameFarmer ,they decide to use FOX as the only token in the platform, and to a certain extent, follow the economic model of, so that players can continuously enrich their NFT collections during the process of entertainment, and gradually explore the asset value and use value of NFT in the virtual digital world through continuous development of transaction and socializing and other functions. Moreover, players can have the opportunity to witness the development and growth of NFT unique ecosystem and have fun the same time.’s concept of NFT ecosystem is very much appreciated by GameFarmer. As a senior crypto game platform, GameFarmer has mature technology and rich experience. The first game launched on the platform in July will perfectly combine the fun of crypto game with NFT collection process. All users can download the game and experience a more interesting NFT acquisition process.Stay tuned!

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