Introducing our brand new decentralized app Fair Deal Exchange


Fair Deal Exchange solves the problem of personal tokens exchange between users.

This problem occurred due to the mechanics of blockchain networks. Each user on the network has a public address, but you can’t know for sure the identity of the person who owns this account, until someone provides proof of ownership. So you can’t safely make an exchange with someone. You don’t know the owner of the address, and even if you would, you still can’t be sure for 100% that this person will fulfill a promise.

Let’s imagine the situation: There are person A and person B. For example, person A bought token X on pre-sale at a low price. But person B didn’t have a chance to participate in this sale, nevertheless, B still wants to get this token earlier before some event (listing, or anything else). So B can buy the token from person A at a higher price if both will be satisfied. And even if they have some private agreement, they can’t trust each other, and with a high probability, the exchange would not happen.
Fair Deal Exchange is here to solve this annoying issue. Person B can easily create a bid, specify the amount of the tokens. And person A can just accept the bid if everything is as expected.

Basically, the exchange is done via an intermediary. But this intermediary is not controlled by anyone, it’s just a smart contract, it does not require trust from both sides. So from this moment, all your p2p exchanges will be totally safe.

The details about the application and how it works will be covered in the next article, so stay tuned.
Created by FD Finance