The decentralized monetary system is probably the biggest incident in the world of financial technology and monetary policy. The ownership of any wealth is transferred without the involvement of a third party using a bank-free method. Decentralized finance, mostly known as DeFi, is an umbrella term for a wide range of projects and applications in the blockchain world that opt to eliminate traditional finance theory. DeFi is referred to as a financial application built on typically using smart contracts. These contracts are automatically enforced agreements that do not require any intermediaries to execute and can be accessed by anyone with a stable internet connection. Most of the decentralized finance applications found today are based on the Ethereum network. However, many alternative public networks are quickly emerging that offer more flexible security, scalability, superior speed, and cost-effectiveness.


LunaLand (LLN) is a peer-to-peer digital currency and store of value.These coins can be easily transacted online.This is a very popular and standard coin.A Digital Currency, .LUNALAND (LLN) is a digital currency and store of value that offers protection from real-world inflation as the World goes on a money printing spree. We encourage liquidity with no-tax trading by rewarding early adopters and putting 100% back into liquidity pools.

About and features of LUNALAND

LUNALAND COMPANY: Luna Land Co. LLC is located in Albuquerque, NM, United States and is part of the Real Estate Industry. Luna Land Co. LLC has 4 total employees across all of its locations and generates $75,134 in sales (USD). (Employees and Sales figures are modelled).


Mission: Lunaland (LLN) Its purpose is to develop cryptocurrencies by converting peer-to-peer digital currencies.To make it easier for everyone to transact these coins online.This project has been started with the aim of capturing a lot of cryptocurrency This coin will take a huge place in the cryptocurrency by expanding its reach in the world of cryptocurrency very easily exchanged Lunaland (LLN)
Vision: Has created a coin that will rank among the top 10 places in the world of cryptocurrency In a real sense, these coins will be spread all over the world for use Will only be used for online transactions.


LUNALAND (LLN) coin You can change the wheel of your life by buying. The demand for this coin is growing so much in the market that the future will be much brighter if you can buy this coin.This coin is enough to change fortunes.The demand for these coins is already increasing in the market.The amount of profit that can be obtained by buying this coin will not be possible for any other coin Because these coins are already the groom of the world Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals.It is safe to say that this coin will dominate the market.So those who want to invest must invest on these coins Investing in this coin will yield such a good quality profit that its fortunes will change.Considering all around, it can be seen that the quality of this coin is very good, so this coin will undoubtedly become everyone’s favorite LUNALAND (LLN) is the best platform in cryptocurrency.
Target Supply — The distance from the earth to the moon is 400,000,000 meters.

LunaLand’s target supply is 400,000,000 coins.

• Manual Burns — Regular burn cycles to reduce supply by 99.96% from 1 trillion to
400 million coins.
• Hyper-Deflation — Hyper deflationary supply to increase upward price momentum.
• Reward Holders — Controlled burns do not penalize buyers/sellers via a tax and
encourage trading and liquidity while still rewarding holders.
• Encourages Trading — Encouraging liquidity by rewarding early adopters and
putting a minimum of 50% back into liquidity pools. No tax on trading to
encourage liquidity, and coin rewards to holders gives you the best of both worlds!
• Low Entry Price — A supply of 1 trillion coins is intended to provide a low entry price
and reward holders with unlimited upside potential.


Pre-Sale — Presale will run from 28th June to 20th July where the
price of LunaLand will be $0.005 per coin.


Price: $0.005
Soft Cap: 1 Million LLN
Hard Cap: 200 Million LLN
End Date: 20th July 2021
DX Sale — DX sale will run from 10th July to 20th July where the
price of LunaLand will be $0.01 per coin.
PancakeSwap — LunaLand will list on Pancakeswap on the 20th
July 2021. The price will be determined depending on the liquidity
pool and will be announced to the community in due course.


LunaLand Contract
Name: LunaLand
Symbol: LLN
Decimals: 18
Contract Address: 0x6020371b0e8a2fc259a6b111d178bba9c966a4a4
Initial Supply: 1 Trillion
Target Launch Supply: 400 Million
Burn Function: Yes
Mint Function: No
Network: BSC Mainnet — BEP20
Liquidity Pool: 50% of amount raised as a minimum. Likely to be 100%, allowing for
deductions for marketing and operational expenses.


  • Q2 JUNE 2021
    Design and creation of LUNALAND
    Launch of Pre-sale
    Whitepaper published
    Marketing team initiates campaigns
  • Q3 JULY 2021
    Launch LUNALAND of PancakeSwap
    Further ecosystem development
    Expansion of marketing campaigns to drive coin adoption
  • Q3 AUGUST 2021
    Listing on Coinmarketcap (CMC)
    Listing on CoinGecko
    Initiate development of LUNALAND online store and app
    Target supply reached — burn complete
  • Q3 SEPTEMBER 2021
    Listing LunaLand on additional DEX platforms
    Merchandise partnerships for LUNALAND store
  • Q4 2021
    Launch LUNALAND store
    Merchandise partnerships in place.
    2022 and Beyond
    Listing of centralized exchanges — Binance, Kraken and others

Meet The Crew

Dusko Ruzic — Commander
Erol Salcinovic — Pilot
Ben (Joins Q4) — Mission Specialist

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Bitcointalk Username: Enisi
BTT profile:;u=3354886
BEP-20 Address: 0xedcbBCFae0aD78D884283Fa5cBc4BEC5dc15f732