NiiFi Weekly Update: 11th July


Ready for a NiiFi community update?

Another jam-packed week for NiiFi…Let’s get to it:

  • Testnet continues to get updates, with the much requested dark-mode, wallet manager and charts now implemented & deployed. If you haven’t already done so — please read CEO Jacobo’s post here — so you can learn how to test and contribute.
  • nahmii 2.0 (the underlying technology NiiFi uses) is now also on testnet with a brand spanking new nahmii 2.0 white paper to go with it. Make sure you take some time to read it and understand what the capabilities of NiiFi built on nahmii 2.0 will be and why it has the chance to revolutionise the DEX, lending & AMM space. As most of you will already know NiiFi & nahmii go hand-in-hand and the power of NiiFi is driven by nahmii — so it pays to delve into the knowledge. This is what people like Andrew Keys at DARMA capital took 5 months doing due diligence on.
  • The team has been working on continually bringing improvements to NiiFi & nahmii testnet as we move toward main net so make sure you follow all the channels to stay updated.
  • Early feedback from some big players, partners & backers has been extremely positive, and we continue to improve with these, as well as your feedback in mind.
  • Have a read over our best of AMAs to get yourself acquainted with the project if you are new, or just as a refresher.

About NiiFi

NiiFi have built tools from the ground up to facilitate high volume institutional needs and commercial use-cases. By this we mean institutions and commercial players who want to access the unique functionality that DeFi offers but find that current implementations can’t facilitate their needs.

That’s why NiiFi will be ground breaking. NiiFi will be the Uniswap and Compound of nahmii. Except it will have the performance that is required for “real world” products. Our target is for products with 100s of millions of people, or institutions to use. Simply allowing them to dip into constant liquidity products is a paradigm shift.

Those big customers are as excited as you to see what’s coming. In many cases, we’ve been speaking to them for years. NiiFi has been designed from scratch to give them what they need & want.

This is facilitated by our underlying technology, nahmii, the only layer 2 which gives high transaction throughput, low latency, instant finality and predictable fees.

NiiFi has the opportunity to onboard institutions to be able to utilise DeFi tools, that’s the mission the team are well on the way to achieving!


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