Pandora’s Cryptic Box


Pandora’s Cryptic Box

So at 29, recently separated father to an adorable two-year old daughter; building a stable future is of highest priority. I really can focus on nothing else. This has lead me into a long examination of not only my financial future, but the economy as a whole. Exploring, researching, and analyzing every market trend, inflation projection, fiscal report, and even governing legislation of the biggest financial institutions in the world. The more knowledge and understanding I have of the global economical state. will allow me to build a better future for my daughter. This is my subjective outlook on our global monertary system and it’s projected future.

This lead straight into crypto currencies and digital asset tokens. Which leads into blockchain technology and the decentralization of money from banks. From there you’ll find the world of blockchain most refer to as crypto currencies. Digital liquid assets able to represent any value held by any kind of asset physical or digital. If that wasn’t enough to take in you’ll quickly stumble across liquidity pools, staking assets, over 10,000 crytocurrencies all with a unique purpose and job. These coins/tokens can run on a number of different protocols like erc-20, bep-20, bep-2, ect. ect. The list honestly goes on and on.

Lost yet? Well if you have researched the topic this far you probably can’t stop now. In this new decentralized - metaverse, quite literally. Only part of us are exploring this vast and quickly expanding ground breaking lawless world. Don’t take that lightly either. Block-chain technology is 100% ground breaking. It’s applicable use is absolutely endless. It already has changed the way we are going to do everything. Don’t forget about lawless. This is a poorly regulated or in some cases completely unregulated nest of scams, fraud, ransomed information, and everything in between. Not joking hacker just targeted U.S. companies for 70 million in bit coin by holding the companies data hostage. Holy FKnSH fortunes are being made and lost daily and it’s growing exponentially.

So whether you are already fighting for your life lost somewhere in crypto trying to turn your bep-2 eth into erc-20 with out spending 80 bucks in gas fees. Maybe you are just looking into it for the first time. One thing is for sure it is not going anywhere. You will spend a lot of money figuring out how everything works. You will not wrap your head around everything in one night. There is a lot of information and new technology integration to take in. It’s changing daily too. So want to learn or not we are already in the process of adopting an entirely new monertary system.

This my perspective. When analyzing where the human species is at on adopting global disruptive legacy monetary systems, there is always room for debate. I see the world changing and there is no better time to change your life’s fortune than during an overhaul of money itself. Lastly check out they are doing smart things.