Recalling the purpose of Bitcoin being invented


It’s been 5 years since I was first introduced to Bitcoin.
From doubting at first, to worshiping, and back to doubting, just like most others, I knew bitcoin as a tool to got rich quick.

There was time I‘m in doubt due to Warren Buffett comment, Bitcoin has no intrinsic/inherent value!
To me this statement was true. The fall of Bitcoin prove it… From around 20.000 USD to 3.000USD, I thought it would gone for real.
But one thing I forget about, Warren Buffentt only invest on something he understand, and I can bet for real that he don’t understand Bitcoin at that time!

Due to my curiosity on Blockchain Technology, I start reading Bitcoin whitepaper, searching in Youtube about why to some others, it’s technology is considered so revelutionary and would change the world…

Yes, Crypto currency will change the world, Not only Bitcoin, but Crypto Currency with its Blockchain, Smartcontract, Defi technology will.

One of the reason Bitcoin was created limited (21.000.000) is due to the creator himself disappointed with the economic condition after the economic crisis hit the world in 2008. From year to year the value of the currency has decreased, the rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer, and Wall Street and the Bank were always the winner although scammer were everywhere… (Case in history proof it, Enron, Lehman Brothers, Madoff Investment Securities etc)

The value of money we are holding will always keep decreased and what we afford to buy today will cost a lot higher tommorrow.

That’s why Bitcoin being created, as a response to the Great Financial Crisis and the financial world’s reliance on banks as intermediaries of all financial transactions…

Bitcoin is created to get rid of the Bank, the middleman, and make government and political interference less effective with your assets (Its already a public secret that stock market were always a tools for the politicians to collect funds during election in lots of countries).

Despite Goverment & Bank now days try to adopt Blockchain Technology, turn their Bank into digital, trying to make rules to slow down or even stop the growth of Crypto Currency, Decentralize Crypto Currency will keep exist in the future! Just like Star Wars, The revolution have begun and nothing will able to stop it!

Its true that everything will go digital, but it is a huge different between Digital Banking System created by some groups of greedy people collect your personal data and rule your life and Decentralized Digital System that rule with Fair, although in Decentralized System scam & trap created by groups of greedy people do still happen.

Data should be use for better purpose, not for creating an unfair economic system. I don’t want to live in a world where our fate is determined by data that can easily be changed by others (Remind me of Netflix “Black Mirror”). And although I believe there are still a long way to go for Banking System to become fully Decentralized, but that day will come.

Amerta Project is one of the our effort to realizing the decentralized system we hoped for. By using Trash Rewards Plan & Recycling, we hope to overcome what are considered to be the weaknesses of bitcoin and crypto in general (no intrinsic value), and we believe there will be a lot project with the concept similiar with us in the future.

Although we have to honestly tell you that at some point system we created still has many shortcomings, and not everything can be done in a decentralized way, but we will keep improve and exist from now on…