Release notes 3.1.18 | Sylo Smart Wallet

  1. NEWS: NFTs have arrived in the Sylo Smart Wallet
  2. Sylo Network Incentivisation

Explore the details of the big NFT, WalletConnect and WBTC update

We’ve made significant advancements in our latest update to the Sylo Smart Wallet.

You can now buy WBTC in-app (in time for Sylo Staking phase 1 — Liquidity Mining), see your NFT collection right in your wallet and use DeFi on another device via WalletConnect.

Say hello to NFTs

NFTs are live in the Sylo Smart Wallet. Send, receive, buy and collect them all within your wallet.

We look forward to releasing tonnes more awesome NFT-related functionality this year, so keep your eyes on our social channels for the announcements.

You can read the full NFT release details in the article below.

WalletConnect to DeFi

We’ve also added WalletConnect so you can connect can stake in the Sylo Liquidity Mining later today, ready for the start of the first reward epoch on the July 19.

To use WalletConnect, just open the scanner in-app and scan a WalletConnect code on your chosen DApp. You can also access WalletConnect from settings.

WalletConnect can be used to connect your Sylo Smart Wallet to any supported DeFi app on another device. Using WalletConnect keeps your crypto safely secured in your wallet on your phone.

You can read our full incentivisation plan for the Sylo Network below.

Purchase WBTC in-app

One more handy thing — We’ve added WBTC to the list of purchasable cryptos in app. This is to help users be prepared for Sylo Liquidity Mining with WBTC-SYLO and ETH-SYLO UniSwap liquidity pools.

Full Sylo Smart Wallet 3.1.18 change list:

  • Added NFTs to the wallet.
  • Added WalletConnect.
  • Added the ability to purchase WBTC in-app.

Do you have any further questions about NFTs, WalletConnect or WBTC in the Sylo Smart Wallet?

We would love to hear from you. Send any queries to us now via DM on Twitter or Telegram.

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