RoxeChain Project Update (June 28th to July 4th)


Here is the latest project update from RoxeChain from June 28th to July 4th, 2021.

Strategic Cooperation

Last week, Roxe continued to co-operate further with our clients, the progress is as follows.

1. Sandbox testing with European clients docking is now complete and awaiting evaluation of the project plan.

2. The India customer test environment is now under development.

Brand Promotion

Roxe Announces Launch of Payment Protocol

Roxe, the next-generation global payments network, recently announced the official launch of the Roxe Payment Protocol (RPP), an open, decentralized, peer-to-peer payment protocol designed to provide individuals, payment companies, banks, and other financial institutions with the best foreign exchange rates. The content was covered by several blockchain media outlets such as Coin World, Golden Finance, Mars Finance, and Chain News.

Roxe Payment Network Announces Multicurrency On and Off-Ramp Solution for Digital Asset Exchanges

Roxe recently announced the launch of its multicurrency on and off-ramp solution for digital asset exchanges. Any crypto exchange business and individual customers can now make faster and less expensive fiat deposits and withdrawals using the Roxe network. The new solution supports over 100 major fiat currency deposits and withdrawals, solving a key problem and allowing crypto exchanges to capture new users across the globe.

Interview with Josh Li, Chief Business Officer, Roxe | How Blockchain Can Improve the Cross-Border Remittance Industry

In a recent interview with PYMNTS, Josh Li, Chief Commercial Officer of Roxe, said that businesses and individuals can combine blockchain technology with traditional finance in a way that will in turn accelerate and simplify cross-border remittances while bypassing the challenges of traditional settlement infrastructure and practices.

Why is China trying to ban cryptocurrencies?

This article analyzes the recent cryptocurrency policy in China and the development of cryptocurrencies, from which we can see why Roxe is popular among users.

Link to article:

How can Roxe help payment service providers?

This article provides a detailed analysis of the benefits of Roxe and how it can help payment service providers make faster and cheaper international payments.

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Community Activities

The Euro 2020 Semi-Final is now underway!

Join now and guess which team will win in the finals!

Twitter Retweets with Prizes

Participate in Crypto (DJ) Prestige’s “Retweet + Like + Follow + @3 Friends” contest about Roxe for a chance to win $500 worth of ROC.

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ROC News

ROC Price Trend

The overall cryptocurrency market has picked up in the recent week, with ROC price stabilizing in a narrow range. As of July 4th, 12:00 UTC, ROC is quoted at 0.34 USD. Currently, users who participated in the IEO have nearly 800% increased return on investment.

ROC On-chain Addresses

Last week, the number of on-chain-held addresses for ROC has reached 984 and is steadily climbing.

Product Progress

Roxe Chain

1.The threshold signature algorithm is now being developed on the Roxe Cross-chain function. Based on the distributed communication network, each participant will have their own private key. The private key will ensure higher levels of security, privacy, and verification.

2. Optimization of the system database backlog problem.

3. Verification of the business flow statement on the wallet hosting service.

4. Upgrading RPP contract transactions and developing market order functions.

5. Developing bulk transfer transaction processing contracts, testing contract transfer details, and Gas consumption.

6. Contract testing and bug fixing for Roxe Earn product.