Updates week ending 11th July 2021


Hello to all our lovely holders! Thank you for being team CumRocket 💖

Our BETA V2 18+ NFT Marketplace progress is going well. We have been testing extensively with the first creator group and have been fixing bugs. To speed up this process and our open beta launch, we are onboarding 2 more developers! A part-time product manager will also be joining us soon.

Creator thoughts of our V2 18+ NFT Marketplace so far

If you missed the Telegram voice chat AMA, Ramona shared her experience with v2 so far:

✅ Super sleek
✅ Easy to navigate and easy to do the KYC process
✅ Easy to login and create accounts as you just login with your wallet
✅ Easy to mint NFT just fill out the requested info, could upload video too except a bug with showing the video thumbnail (which we’re fixing)
✅ Would be fine for non crypto users to use long as they are comfortable with setting up a wallet 💪

Other updates

The rate is now 3000/hr compared to 2400/hr before. Enjoy your extra CUMMIES! Learn how to stake here: https://cumrocket.medium.com/the-cumfarm-is-now-open-d346438efd4e

New farm listing on Shibance!
CumRocket was approached by the Shibance team and kindly made a farm for us! You can now stake your CUMMES-WOOF LP and earn $WOOF! Shibance is a promising new project that has a full DEX. Learn more here: https://twitter.com/cumrocketcrypto/status/1413535028068376580?s=21

CumRocket got featured in AVN! (~1m twitter followers)

We also got featured in XBIZ! (~1m twitter followers)

Another babe boarded the CumRocket…
…the naughty author and director JoannaAngel!! 🔥

Check out her NFT here: https://twitter.com/CumRocketCrypto/status/1413266867779776513

Our ambassador Shelby Paris talked LIVE on a panel representing CumRocket!

“OnlyFans is the most popular content subscription service around, but what are the alternatives for selling your own video content to fans?”

Overall it was a great session which got viewers very interested in CumRocket after hearing the potential for high earnings from NFTs!


We are running a MERCH COMPETITION!

Reply with your best #CumRocket t-shirt design and the winner’s will be featured in our merch store, receive their t-shirt for FREE plus 5,000 CUMMIES! 💸


Enter here: https://twitter.com/CumRocketCrypto/status/1413588551380439042?s=20

England vs Italy — who will win?!

Reply to our tweet the correct score to be in with the chance to win 3,000 CUMMIES!! ($100) 🏆

Enter here: https://twitter.com/cumrocketcrypto/status/1414186679326449668?s=21

It’s coming home!! (I hope)

Thanks for reading, Lydia x