Your Ticket to Financial Independence


What do you get when you buy an NFT? You get true ownership of the art. You get proof via the blockchain that you own this unique non-fungible piece.

It’s cool to build your collection and show them off to your friends, isn’t it? So, what else?

What if you spent .15 ETH on an NFT with the possibility of owning a $3M property with a storage business attached earning you $10,000 residual income? That’s exactly what Zeno Rossetti is doing!

Why is Zeno doing this? According to his video, he is at a phase in his life where he wants to be an artist full-time. He has gone the entrepreneur route and knows what that’s like. It’s time to give back to the people!

This could change your life if you get involved.

The process is simple. Check out the collection of Zeno NFTs on Rarible. You will find 20 collections of 500 minted NFT — 10,000 in total. Once you find one or more that you like, buy em! You’ll need a MetaMask or similar wallet to do so. The more NFTs you snag, the higher your chances are of winning the property.

Make sure you’re subscribed to The Zeno Show to stay updated on the raffle. Hit the notification bell so you don’t miss out on anything. While you’re at it, hit a like button or 2.

A winner will be announced once the NFT collection is sold out. Whoever wins the property and self-storage facility will be handed the deed. All travel accommodations will be provided for visitation and necessary paperwork.

Zeno Who?

Through the traditional financial system as a real estate banker, Zeno finds himself rising from the ashes. In this new decentralized market, he begins a new chapter all in the name of crypto, art, and financial independence.

Growing up in the suburbs of Detroit, MI, Zeno found himself surrounded by creative types, entrepreneurs, and spirited people. Learning through dirt, love, and grime, he now has a message and estate to share with you all.

Through Zeno’s altruistic nature, you could play a part in the beauty of the DeFi system.

The NFTs

Resurrection of True Liberty for Financial Independence

As the kids say…the Zeno NFTs are 🔥

They have an industrial feel all in the name of financial independence. The pieces themselves are all original photography by Zeno’s wife, Amy. They consist of photographs, fire spinning, and audio.

With the help of 3D (NFT Advisor) and Bit Buy Bit (Team Coordinator), the NFT project came to life.

  • .15 ETH per NFT
  • 20 collections
  • 500 minted
  • 10,000 total

The Property

  • 17,000sf of leasable space
  • 100% occupied with certifiable tenant leases
  • Premium renovated offices
  • 10,000sf of warehouse space
  • 14' overhead garage doors
  • Residual income of $10k+ /month

More info, photos, and financial data

Got Your Ticket?

Have you gotten your ticket to the raffle yet? If this resonates with you, pick up a Zeno NFT for your chance to win financial independence! In the end, we all win when we crypto.